Thursday, January 27, 2011

Someone please call 911!!!!

AF is doing crazy things right now. CRAZY!!! She's acting like an old schoolyard game "Jump in, jump out and introduce yourself". She can't decide whether she wants to come, stay, go, UGH!!!

One thing that is for sure, I'm trying very hard not to eat the entire kitchen. I'm hungry. At least I think I am. I want cake, I want a burger, I want fruit, I want an eggroll. I'm friggin' hungry!! UGH!!! What do ya'll do during that time of the month? Are you as hungry as I am? Is there anything I can do to avoid the once a month munchies?

I've already gained 2lbs in ANTICIPATION of my cycle, I can't gain another ounce while I'm waiting for it to do it's thing.



  1. i indulge on my tom. i crave 3 things: beef, salt, and sweet. I make myself burgers with lean ground beef, roast potatoes til crispy and pretend they're french fries, and eat dark chocolate.

  2. OMG ME TOO!!!!!

    I was telling my homie that I REALLLLY wanted a burger today. BEEF, not turkey. I haven't had a beef burger in quite some time. So she gave me a pack of lean ground beef and I was all pressed because it hasn't thawed out yet, lol. I will make burgers tomorrow and I have some sweet potatoes that I will make fries out of. I can't wait. That's a shame. I can't wait for lunch/dinner TOMORROW. SMH

    What kind of dark chocolate do you usually get?

  3. man turkey is cool and all but nothing beats the taste of beef. LOL. i mean extra lean ground beef has just a smidge more calories than ground turkey breast. some extra lean ground beef and reduced fat cheese and some good whole wheat bread? died and gone to heaven. and don't get fancy and grill a bunch of mushrooms and onions to go on top. hm. girl any kind of dark chocolate works. i'm not brand loyal. normally i have a special belgian stash, but um, i'm married to a hoover vaccuum that thinks that dark chocolate is nasty yet it disappears. LOL But seriously - and good quality dark works. actually let me stop being boogie. any works. to feed the craving. also another period food is mini snickers. i swear they taste so freakin good.