Saturday, January 22, 2011

I know how to lose weight.

I know how to lose weight.  So why am I still fat?

That is the million dollar question.  That is the question that I will attempt to answer here.  I know that I have underlying issues and bad habits that need to be worked through and/or eliminated, and I make no excuses.  I know how to lose weight, I think any overweight person "knows" how to lose weight.  Move more and eat less, right?  Well, I am here to tell you that it's much, MUCH easier said than done.  All I can do is try to examine my thought process of how I got here, so that once I "fix" me, I don't ever have to START this journey again. 

I'm starting this blog for accountability purposes.  I need a place to document my success, my struggles and hopefully I will accumulate some friends that will take this journey with me.  I tried Twitter, but I just think I'm more of a blogger than a Twitterer/Tweeter/Tweety.  (WTH do you even call it?)  I talk way too much, and I'm sorry, I just didn't have the patience to figure out the retweet, tagging and other intricacies.  At any rate, feel free to contact me with supportive advice, questions or whatever.  I would love to  know that people are out there and I'm not alone in this.

Thanks for stopping by!  :)

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