Monday, January 24, 2011

RIP Jack Lalanne

I came across this video on my friend AJ's FB page this morning and it's crazy how watching these other videos of his show makes me understand why he was such a visionary. Every single thing that he's touting back then...clean eating, sugarholics, avoiding white flour and sugar, how to grocery shop, etc...all of these things are what we know is important now. I've watched a few of his videos this morning and it is amazing how "right" he was back then. He said in several of them that "I am not a crackpot like they say" or some variation, I just think it's funny how when someone is a visionary and they come before their time, people look at their ideas as radical. If only more people would have paid MORE attention to Mr. Lalanne.

Take a look at some of his videos. Cheaper than going out and buying a bunch of the new books and DVDs that are out, and it's the same information. :)

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