Monday, February 28, 2011

Weigh-in: 2/28/11

Weigh-in attached.


Drive-by posting. Don't really feel like typing up a long post but I may do a video tomorrow. AF is lurking and all I want to do is lounge. I need to exercise.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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  1. Hi, my name is Candis and I, myself, am also on a weight loss journey (for the 2nd time around). I love reading your does my best friend who is also on this weight loss journey along with me. I just wanted to give you props for doing such a tough thing with such courage and I also wanted to ask you, because i'm kinda slow but what does AF stand for? Big ups to your weight loss! I"m very proud of you!!!

  2. Hey there darlin!! I'm so happy to hear that you and your friend like the blog. That means a lot to me. :) I hope to get to know ya'll more. We can do it! I'm also doing it for the second (serious) time, hopefully this will be the LAST time.

    AF- Aunt Flo (my cycle). I always mention it during that time because I'm liable to gain anywhere from 1-5lbs during the time right before/during that week. :(

  3. Good job on the weigh- in. I gain a ton with AF too- once 7 pounds! Crazy.

  4. 7lbs? Girl, well I'm at almost 5 and it's only been a few days. It didn't even really START until today, it's just been lurking. My ankles were so swollen today I started taking diurex to try to get rid of some of this water. I'm not going to lie, it's kind of depressing to see your hard work be unraveled so quickly. Hopefully, it will shed as quickly as it came next week.

    I'm thinking about taking a scale hiatus, lol.