Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reader Question

Hey folks!

One of my lovely readers sent me an email this morning and I got her permission to share her question. Maybe it'll be of interest to someone else:

SFC Reader:

I was wondering if blogging has been helping you in this journey this far? I started reading blogs last week as a way of support in my own struggles, and haven't decided whether or not I should start one. So I was hoping to get your opinion and personal experiences this far.
Thank you!

My response:

First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Second, yes, it has. For me, knowing that I have to be accountable at the very least, each week to people who are expecting me to do well helps keep me on track. I also find it therapeutic to write about my struggles with food, exercise and the emotional part of it. As you can see, my blog was just started recently, but it is already helping me to stay motivated. Anytime I post that I'm struggling with something, even if people don't comment, they email or those that know me personally will reach out to me in some other way. It really does help! The thing about blogging is can make it as public or as private as you want. For me, writing is cathartic and it helps me work through issues that I might be experiencing and when I'm done, I feel better.

I suggested to a friend of mine that recently experienced a loss that she journal about it. Her issue was putting her face out there and feeling vulnerable. The good thing is that you can reveal as much or as little about yourself as you want. If you want to start your blog and add pictures (including your face) and stories, and put it out there for whomever to see, that's cool. If you want to write it and make it so that you are the only one that can view it, you can do that as well. Most blogging platforms also allow you to make your blog viewable to only those who you specifically invite. If you have a circle of friends that you want to be able to check-in on you, that's a great way to do it. It's all about your individual comfort level. When I started my blog, the first few days, I didn't tell anyone about it. Then I sent the link to several of my friends and family that are struggling with weight or health as I am. After about a week or so, I sent it to a few of my friends who aren't necessarily struggling with weight, but who I knew would be a good cheerleader for me. I also find that when I comment on others' blogs, they come back to take a look at mine. It's a great way to form a sense of camaraderie towards a common goal...healthy.

I hope this wasn't too long, but that it helped you a bit in your decision. Feel free to ask me any other questions.


Have a great weekend all!!!!!


  1. HI! Just found your blog and I love it, so you deff have a new follower! Also, I'm new to this whole blogging thing. Only been doing it a few weeks. But I have to say that i totally agree. I love reading other peoples blogs and seeing that their going thru the same thing i am. And when someone starts "following you" it makes you want to do good so that you have good things to share. :)

  2. Thanks Chubee!! I'm checking on you! :)