Thursday, February 10, 2011

How often do you weigh?

I know on WW, they encourage you to only weigh once a week, but do you weigh more than that? For those of you who aren't following WW, how often do you weigh?

I know the premise is that your weight fluctuates so much, it's better to just weigh once a week or once a month, but I guess I get curious. PLUS, the scale is right there next to my toilet, lol.

I weighed in this morning at 365.0. I really hope it's just body/fluid changes and I haven't picked up weight. I've been doing very well this week with my eating and pretty good with my exercising as well (though some days I've done only the bare minimum of 30 minutes). Maybe I should drink more water. Maybe I should move more. I've been exhausted all week, I don't know if it's the weather or what. I guess time will tell, I have 4 more days until my official WI.


  1. I need to stop weighing myself so much. Even though my body is definitely changing, it's the scale that will turn my mood from fit and happy to sad and bingey (lol). I've now relegated myself to weighing-in twice a week first thing in the am. Monday (so i can see the effects of my hopeful good (sometimes not so much) weekend eating/exercise habits), and again on Thursday, to remind myself not to lose my daggone mind over the weekend. So far this has worked.

  2. Loving your blog! I try to only weigh myself at my weekly meeting, but I usually cave somewhere in the middle of the week and step on the scale. It NEVER makes me feel better. And I have a regular bathroom scale, so it has to go twice around to get to my weight, and I don't think it's all that accurate. I have heard, though, that those on maintenance weigh themselves frequently to avoid creeping up.

  3. Geebamom- Thanks for visiting!

    I have a digital scale and I need to try to avoid the scale during the rest of the week. I guess moving it into a closet would help, lol. I think I step on because it's easily accessible now.

    Meh...we'll see. I'm still up from last Monday, but I have another 2 days.

  4. STOP IT!!! throw away your home scale. and use WW only. u will drive urself crazy. Ask me how I know?

  5. Remind me not to let you in my bathroom Lu. You might try to steal my scale, lol.