Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hiatus is up...kinda...

Hey Lovelies!

I have been SO busy these days. I just got back from a wedding in Houston weekend before last, and now I'm prepping to go to SC this weekend for my Bestie's "surprise" shower. It's no longer a surprise, hence the quotes. Unfortunately, her Aunt died unexpectedly yesterday and we were all thrown for a loop 1) I'd just spoken to the Aunt the night before and I was so broken up. She was such a sweet, sweet lady. 2) Bestie's mom, who is helping with the shower was understandably devastated, so we weren't sure if we should cancel the shower or not. Later that day, Bestie was at the Aunt's house to find paperwork for her mother and she was told about the shower by a friend (who didn't know it was a surprise). I'm kind of glad it came out though, because know that burden is lifted regarding whether or not we should still do it. It would be different if we all lived in the same city or if we were doing it at someone's home, but since we aren't, we decided to press on. So if you pray, please say a short one for my friend's family as they go through this.

On to weight loss. AF's evil ass has been in town since late Thursday, so I decided to put off weighing until 4/25. Since I will still be in SC on Monday and probably won't be coming back to Maryland until Tuesday (depending on when the service is), I will just wait until 4/25 to weigh-in. I was dreading weighing myself during AF, so I just decided...not to. LOL

I have realized something though, I believe monthly weigh-in's might be the way to go for me. I can definitely tell in other ways (I'm having some chubby face days lately) if I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I haven't quite decided yet though. I'm still excited about fitting into smaller new clothes and sizing out of some of the clothes I have. My coworker actually told me my jeans looked sloppy last week, lol. I was too excited to be offended. HA! I hope you all are doing well!

Oh, and I MUST get back on my exercise game. I think that I will try to post every other day or so what I'm doing as far as my exercise regimen. I need to be accountable and right now, I've been making every excuse not to go to the gym. There's no such thing as too busy, right?

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  1. DAMN RIGHT! And you got games and videos to play at home even if you DON'T go to the gym!!! Go 'head wit'cha sloppy-jeaned self! LOL