Thursday, April 7, 2011

What it do, Boos???

Shouts out to "Thirteenlbs" and "Candisias" and "WatchMiiLose" for always checking in on me. I really appreciate it!

Well, I'm still on my scale hiatus, but I've been doing pretty good. While I don't feel like I've lost much weight, I must have lost inches because I am officially down a dress size.

I usually wore a size 24 dress, sometimes a 26 depending on the "give" in the bust/hip areas, but I successfully rocked a NON-STRECH (lol) size 22 dress to a wedding in Houston this past weekend. Wanna see me?

I'm happy with how I looked, but even in my joy about being down a dress size, I know that I have to step up my game in the arm exercise area. The flab is out of control, lol. The thing that I'm most excited about is that I'm not wearing ANY shapewear, just some regular underthings. LOL!! For me...that's MAJOR!

My hiatus is supposed to be up on this coming Monday, and honestly, I'm not looking forward to meeting the scale, but I guess I will, so I can better guage my progress.

I really appreciate you all checking on me, and I'll try to do better. I have SOO much going on in the next few weeks (I will be able to expound later), but I will try to do better. I've even neglected my "regular" blog. Shameful. *waves* I hope everyone is doing well!!


  1. Love it!

    Don't feel bad i've neglected AJ the foodie as well. shame.

    Congrats on dropping a dress size. I have decided to let go of the scale and just become a clean eating exercise nut. and it's working!

  2. You look great! Fantastic job so far!

  3. 1) The hair is hot!
    2) That last pic? All Grandma!
    3) Congrats on the NON-STRETCH 22!!! I totally understand that right there! That's a REAL 22!!!
    4) I'll always check on you cuz you my giiiiirrrrrl (*in my Martin voice*)! I'm actually blogging about you right now. *sinistergiggle*

  4. LOL!!! Tough crowd. :) New post coming in 5...4...3...