Monday, March 7, 2011

CURSES (Weigh-in: 3/7/11)

I have gained 5lbs since AF has been in the building. FIVE!!!!

I want to be mad, but I actually gained more than that as of a few days ago. I upped my water intake to an insane amount to try to flush out the water weight and was able to get rid of some of the bloating. I'm just annoyed. It takes me 2-3 weeks sometimes to take off 5lbs, yet all it takes is for my cycle to ACT like it wants to start and I can gain it all back in a matter of days.

UGH. I coulda had a cupcake.

**Just venting, I will shake it off in a few**
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  1. Great job getting rid of some of that bloat!!!

  2. don't feel bad...and don't give up! I gained almost 3 lbs and my AF isn't even here! I have NO excuse...we all have bad'll be fine.

  3. I coulda had a cupcake? That sounds just like something I would say.... LOL :)

    Keep your head up honey!!!!